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From working to Surfing
Everything you need to know about a working holiday in

This book has everything you will ever need to know about living and working in Australia from getting a bank account set up to the best places to visit. This though isn’t your typical travel guide, written by someone that's been to Australia, lived there for a year and experienced it all themselves, mistakes, successes and knows how it all works. So now I’m putting my experiences and knowledge into this book to help you have the best year of your life, and enjoy Australia to the max.


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Backpacking India with my Grandma!

The story of how me and my Grandma backpacked India for 3 Weeks, from my point of view and hers. Ticking the Taj Mahal of her bucket list, white water rafting down the Ganges, cliff jumping, and managing to visit four other incredible Indian cities. Want to know more about our adventure, grab a copy of our book, which is coming soon. 


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