I Traveled from Los Angeles to Miami.. My Favorite City Might Surprise You…

July 15, 2017 jakep1995
I recently finished up travelling from Los Angeles to Miami. Stopping at over 15 different cities, but there’s one that stands out most for me. Just to name a few that we visited; New Orleans, Miami, Los Angles, Houston, San Diego, Dallas, Orlando and more… but the one that stands out the most is Austin, Texas. Which kind of surprised me.
Now before I did some research on where to visit, I hadn’t even heard of Austin to be honest. Now I love California, and that’s one place I’ll always head back to, and probably move to if I had the chance, it’s beautiful. But there’s something special about Austin.

A beautiful river runs through the city which you can kayak, paddle board, canoe and even swim in. It’s a beautiful blue color, there are little fish and even turtles which you see frequently, popping up their heads for air.

There are loads of lovely outdoor swimming pools all around the city which you can go to, which is perfect as it gets hot in Austin.

There are loads of cool and quirky bars to head to throughout the city for a drink.

There is so much good food, from more high class restaurants to food trucks with all different themes of food, so you’re never going to be short of choice when it comes to eating – and if you like BBQ.. you’re going to be even more spoilt for choice. It’s incredible.

There always seems to be things going on, like free outdoor movies and other random events.

There are numerous beautiful swimming holes and waterfalls just outside the city from 15-45 minutes drive away. Where you can swim, relax and take a picnic. Cool of from the heat and enjoy the fresh water. They do dry out in summer when rainfall is low, but when they do, you have the river and pools. There are even rope swings and loads of fun stuff around them.

This is what I loved most about this city. You have the big city with bars, restaurants and business, situated on the beautiful river which you can swim and kayak. Then 15 minutes outside you can be in the middle of nature, not hear a sound, and floating around in a waterfall/swimming hole.

So if you’re thinking of heading to the USA, maybe you should think about checking out Austin, Texas.