My First Experience using airbnb..

June 25, 2017 jakep1995
So I had never used airbnb before, I usually just stick to hostels, firstly because they’re cheaper and secondly because they’re a great way to meet new people, especially as a solo traveler. We decided to use airbnb for a few of our stays in America, because it worked out much cheaper. Hostels in many cities in the USA are expensive, like $40 each in some states. This time on my travels there were two of us, so it worked out cheaper to use airbnb. My first airbnb experience was in Austin, Texas where we got a room for $30 for us both, so it was $15 each where a hostel would’ve cost us $40 each, so we made a huge saving here.
I didn’t know at all what to expect, obviously, they show you photos, give you addresses, and have information about the property on the website of airbnb, but you still never really know what to expect when you turn up. We turned up mid afternoon, and one of the guys was there to greet us, this was the guy that was having his room rented out as he was working in another city for a few months, he kindly greeted us in, he was just about to leave, so he showed us around the apartment, and then left. It was really easy to find, they sent us directions before via email, so we knew exactly where to go and we also gave them a rough time of arrival so there was someone there to greet us.

It was a really nice apartment, everything was clean, and the owner who wasn’t in when we arrived left us a note, saying welcome, and that she wouldn’t be in until later, and said help ourselves to the fridge, including beers, and make ourselves at home. They also left us the WiFi code wrote down, and a contact number if we needed anything. The room we had was nice, spacious and just as described in the information on the website, with clean sheets and towels.

We did meet the owner of the room the next day, and she was really friendly, and gave us advice on what to do, and was pretty chilled out about everything,  and made sure we were all okay.

We even had the apartment to ourselves one night, as she was staying out at her boyfriends, which was pretty sweet, a whole apartment to ourselves for $15 each. It was also convenient as had a kitchen,  which was handy as we could go to the store to buy food and cook for meals and prepare lunches to save us eating out all the time.

They did have a dog who was a little yappy at times, but it said on the website that they had a dog, so we expected it.

Overall I would say it was a really awesome first airbnb experience. Especially when it was so cheap compared to other methods of accommodation, we had a really great experience, we got to see the suburbs, meet locals, and got loads of benefits that you wouldn’t usually get with a hostel. So i would recommend if there’s more than just yourself travelling, and hostels are looking expensive, you should definitely have a look at airbnb.