11 Benefits of Using airbnb

June 25, 2017 jakep1995
There are quite a few benefits to using airbnb over hotels or hostels, there are disadvantages to, like you don’t meet as many people, and you never really know what the people who are renting the room are going to be like. But i guess that’s the same with a hostel or hotel, you still never really know what you’re going to get. Here’s a list of the advantages I’ve found to using airbnb. 
  • Firstly you get to meet locals. You get to meet people who actually live and work in the city you’re staying in, they can be really interesting and fun to talk to, and you can find out what life is actually like for people that live in the city.
  • You get insider knowledge and tips. You get to find the best places to visit. From day trips to restaurants and bars, these people you’re staying with live here, so they’re usually going to know all the best spots for you to visit. 
  • You get clean towels. Staying in a hostel you have to use your own, when staying in an airbnb they will usually provide you with clean towels which is nice. 
  • You can usually wash your clothes for free. If you’re just on a weekend or short trip this won’t really matter. But if your on a long trip, this is so awesome. It means you can wash your clothes for free in the apartment/house, rather than paying $/£5 to wash and dry them. 
  • You get to stay in the suburbs. Sometimes this can be a downfall, but usually i find it pretty cool, you get to see parts of the city, that most tourists don’t see, and maybe discover some hidden gems. 
  • You can can get free stuff by using airbnb sometimes. Like they may cook for you, the first airbnb i stayed in they said we could help ourselves to the beer in the fridge, which was awesome. 
  • It’s usually cheaper. If you’re a solo traveler it probably won’t be, or won’t be as much fun. But if you’re travelling as a couple, or two friends, this will cut your costs down dramatically, especially in cities where hostels are expensive. 
  • Sometimes they may even show you around, if it’s a weekend or they’re off work, they may give you a lift to places, or even go with you to some cool spots, this saves you driving, getting a taxi or taking public transport, and you get to do it with a local. 
  • They usually always have free, good WiFi. They will usually just connect you up to the WiFi which they are using in their home, which is usually much better than hostel WiFi, which is often slow due to so many people using it.  
  • They usually always have full kitchens, which means you can cook you’re own food, and there are lots of appliances, which saves you eating out all the time.
  • You won’t have to wait or queue for the shower. In hotels this isn’t an issue, but in hostels you  often have to wait for a shower especially during busy times. In an airbnb this won’t be an issue as it will usually just be you and the owners there.