Advice for When Travelling the USA using Greyhound.

June 2, 2017 jakep1995
When trying to travel through the USA on a budget, the cheapest and most convenient way of getting around will be using the greyhound buses. You could get the train, but it’s usually much more expensive, for longer journeys domestic flying will be much better, again a little more expensive, but definitely worth it if it’s a long way. Back to using greyhound. The greyhound buses run extensively throughout the USA, and run quite regularly. It usually costing around $40 for a 5 hour journey. Depending on the day it obviously varies, but this is just an average.

  • Get to the station around 30 minutes early, queues for printing tickets can be long and stations can be busy, so get there early to avoid you missing your bus.
  • E-tickets on buses are not accepted, so be sure to print your ticket off.
  • Make sure to pack some food and drink for long journeys, often when buses stop it’s just for 10-15 minutes and there are usually not many places to buy food or drink close, unless you’re lucky and there’s a 7/11 across the road.
  • There is Wi-Fi on board, which works most of the time – again it is pretty variant depending on quality depending how many people are on it and the bus, so don’t rely on it.
  • There are charging ports on buses which work greatly, so you can charge your phone and laptop etc. – I’ve never been on a bus where the ports didn’t work.
  • Bus quality can vary. Most of the buses greyhound use are really nice, the seats are comfortable, they have air-con and a toilet. But on the other side, I have been on a couple of old shitty ones that were nearly falling apart, so I guess it depends on how lucky you get. But they’re usually pretty good.
  • The buses are usually late arriving – Usually by around 15-30 minutes. So be sure to account this into your travel plans if need be, and make sure you leave some time in-between travel options.
  • Make sure to bring some stuff to do. Even though there is Wi-Fi, it’s only really good for a little browsing, so make sure you bring some music, a book to read or some films. As the long journeys can get boring.
  • Book your buses in advance to save money, if you know your dates, get the bus booked, buses are much more cheaper if you book them earlier.
  • Bus Stations can be a while out of the city or in remote locations, so make sure you check where they are and give enough time to get to them – it will give you your address in the email conformation.
  • Speak to people – A lot of locals are travelling on the buses, so possibly speak to them, get some information on where you’re going, what there is to do and just get some tips.