5 Things to Know When Visiting Los Angeles

June 2, 2017 jakep1995
5 Things to know when travelling to Los Angeles:

  • Los Angeles is huge. – What looks a small distance on a map will be a long time on public transport. LA is a huge city so be sure to check distances. It can take an hour and a half on buses or the metro, just to cover a small distance, say from Hollywood to Santa Monica. So be sure to take this in to account when planning trips. Because LA is so big, be sure to give yourself time to travel and get around to see everything, don’t rush it.

  • Los Angeles has good and bad neighborhoods. – Be sure to check out where you are staying. The same as most cities I guess. But check out where it’s recommended tourists don’t go and which are the safe neighborhoods. Try to stay away from the dangerous areas.
  • There’s quite a lot of scams – There’s lot of people, particularly in tourists areas offering you free stuff, such as people handing out CD’s where they offer you it and then want money in return and will kick up a fuss if you don’t give them any. Of course support the cause, just be weary.
  • Healthy food is expensive – Throughout Los Angeles, or California in general, eating healthy is more expensive that fast food. When you can pick up burgers for $3, it’s hard to resist, particularly when a meal in a healthy restaurant is most likely to top you $10. You can eat healthy for cheap, but you’ll have to go to a supermarket and prepare it. And it will still usually cost you more than buying fast food out.
  • Carry change if you can – For things such as buses or paying with cash in restaurants, this will be helpful. Because buses require exact change. And when paying for meals, you have to pay tips and if you give a $20 for a $13 meal they will think the rest is tips, I mean you can tell them but it’s awkward. So carrying change makes this easier, as you can just leave as much as you want.