Why Taking Time to be Alone is so Important?

March 23, 2017 jakep1995
I guess this post is linked in with Solo Travel, since i’ve been writing a lot about solo travel recently, i thought it would be interesting to way up my thoughts on alone time, and why for me, and i think for most people, taking time to be alone, and by yourself is super important. I think now less and less people actually take the time to be alone, and do stuff by themselves, and i think it’s becoming increasingly important. 
I think alone time is even more important especially when you look at how much more connected we are as people now, with mobile phones and technology, we as people are literally never alone, as there is always someone there on your phone, whether it’s through emails, texts, facebook and the vast amount of other social media available, really we’re never alone.  There are a few reasons why i love being alone sometimes and find it really refreshing to disconnect myself from everything, obviously not all the time as being around people is awesome, but occasionally i think it helps with just clearing your mind. 

The main and first reason, is it just gives you alone time, and time to completely be with yourself and allow your brain to unwind, like properly be in your own thoughts. Especially nowadays, everybody seems to have no time, and always be in a rush to do everything. It allows you to kind of clear your head of all your problems, in a way re organise your thoughts and your life, especially if you do have a lot going on, it gives you time to think about all the individual components of your life, that in day to day life may just seem sprawled all over everywhere. I think being by yourself allows you to sort them out and for your brain to just relax about it.

This one sounds really cliche, but it’s true. Being by yourself allows you to discover who you really are, when you out by yourself for a walk or out exploring by yourself, it allows you to do what you want, and figure out who you are. As there is no one to follow or copy, and no one to listen too.  You’re there just 100% doing your own thing, and creating your own path, so in a way it does allow you to discover who you are, and what you want.  I think it also helps you better build your relationships with others, because you understand yourself more, you’re more likely to make better choices of who to hang around with and who to build relationships with, ultimately making you happier, and increasing your emotional intelligence. 

You also become a lot more productive, if you just disconnect yourself, you get a shit load more done, you aren’t constantly checking your phone, or constantly hearing that ping of a new notification, you can properly focus and concentrate on what you’re doing. I’m not in any way saying that this new technology is a bad thing, it’s great, and it’s opened up so many more opportunities for everyone, and the chance to stay in touch with people, that before was never possible, i’m just saying my thoughts on why sometimes it’s good to disconnect yourself from it. 

To sum up, i think it just helps you reboot your mind by being alone, by just going out for the morning or afternoon by yourself without your phone, wherever,  the forest, a museum, even just a walk. It just gives your mind the time it needs, as mentioned before especially in the everyday hustle and constant connectedness of life. It allows you to think deeper about everything you’re doing, your life plans, goals, ambitions, new ideas and grow as a person.