How to Take Awesome  Photos when Travelling Alone!

March 14, 2017 jakep1995
There’s one little struggle that comes when travelling alone, and that’s how do you take those awesome travel photos of yourself.  I’ve travelled by myself for a couple of years now, and here’s my tips on how you can take those awesome travel photos you always pictured. 
Ask for Help- Just ask someone to take a picture for you. So many people just seem super scared to ask people to take a photo of them. I would much rather do this than a selfie. Just explain to them what you want and ask them to take a few, and then you can pick the best.  This is the best way to get the photos you want when travelling alone. 

Use Instagram for Inspiration- Use social media sites like  instagram and pinterest, for inspiration and to get ideas of the travel photos you want. 

Use a Gopro- This may be out of budget for may of you, i don’t have one personally. But they are awesome, especially if you’re travelling alone, and even if you’re in a group. They make for great photos, and are really easy to use. 

Use Video Screenshots- This is one of the cheekiest tips, take a video or set up your camera and video, then you can screenshot the best moments, and use this as a picture. 

Burst Fire Mode- Set your camera up on a timer and use burst fire mode, this will take a load of pictures, depending on how many you set it to take. Then you can again pick the picture you like the most. 

Bring a Tripod- Instead of finding a tree or rock to lean your phone against to get that awesome picture, bring a tripod for you phone or camera. You can then position it and get your pictures taken from that perfect angle. It makes it much easier than trying to lean your phone up something.